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Mohanlal accepts KRK as his acting guru, to star together in a movie

22, Apr 2017 By sanand317

Thiruvananthapuram: Superstar Kamal K Khan recently created a storm when he had called the Malayali actor Mohanlal as “Chota Bheem”. This generated a lot of animosity between the fans of KRK, if there are any, and Mohanlal’s fan. But a call last night, by Mohanlal to the legendary actor KRK, has put the controversy to a rest.

Guru threatening his Chela with a pistol
Guru threatening his Chela with a pistol

In an exclusive interview to this journalist Mohanlal said, “Since the time i was called Chota Bheem by the heartthrob of Bollywood Mr.KRK, I took upon myself this task to watch all his body of work. I watched all his films namely three, his first movie Munna Pandey Berozgaar, and then his Oscar nominated film Deshdrohi and last one Ek Villan- for which he got the national award for best actor, despite doing a cameo in the movie. You can imagine his acting prowess in this movie. I was taken aback by the seriousness of his work and he truly deserved that award.”

He further revealed that that he did not want to faint by the intensity of the work of the great KRK, so he watched all three movies in a fast forward mode. He finished all three movies in exactly 20 minutes. Afterwards, he binge watched all the episodes of Big Boss season 3 where the master KRK himself had made his presence. He confided in me that he vomited 32 times while watching these episodes.He still does not know why he vomited so many times. Anyways, it was only when he had finished watching all the episodes of Big Boss season 3; with the little energy he had left in his body he dialled Sir KRK’s number.

When inquired about what was it like to talk to KRK himself he said, “It was an epiphany of sorts. Finally, i got the acting guru i was desperately looking for all through my life. In fact, we have decided to do a movie together. It would be called YOU TWO RUPEE PEOPLE. Here in the movie KRK-THE HE HIMSELF- has gracefully decided that he would play the role of Hero and i will be playing the role of a Villain who eventually would kill Hero in climax and run away with the Heroine. Rakhi Sawant, another gem from Bollywood has accepted to play the role of heroine in the movie.”

He refused to entertain any further questions saying that he was having severe headache and vomiting bouts since the time he had talked to his acting guru- The KRK and headed straight to his toilet where the sound of vomiting could be clearly heard.

Well, as of now the controversy has been put to rest and it must be said that all is well that ends well. We wish that Mohanlal recovers soon from his headache and vomiting bouts and starts shooting for the YOU TWO RUPEE PEOPLE with His Excellency THE KRK.