Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

"Modi" wins over "Love" as the most used 4-letter word in the world

29, Jun 2015 By RT

Mumbai. A famous news channel in the city has reported today that the most used 4-letter word in social media, mainstream media and any other media in India and abroad is ‘modi’ and not ‘love’. Citing an example from a tweet, ‘I love modi – modi’, the channel claimed that ‘modi’ is at least twice as popular as ‘love’.

“We have hired a squad of survey companies for the study and every one of them came up with ‘modi’ and there was absolutely no ‘love’ between them. The only question though ‘is it bada modi or chhota modi?’” the channel told Faking News.

Lalit Modi and Narendra Modi
One Love, but two Modis.

“What bada modi could achieve an year ago by spending hundreds of crores to win ‘love’, chhota modi has achieved with relatively much ease. Just a few tweets of using 4,5,6 and 8 letter names and bang! There is only modi now everywhere” another news channel smiled sarcastically.

“See! Most of them who follow reels and reels of print media and footage over footage of visual media on the famed four letter word, has no clues about the scandal, fondly referred as #LalitGate. The congress just wants bada modi to sack some ministers and BJP wants chhota modi to keep his fingers away from the keyboard unless it’s about a restaurant visit.

Meanwhile, chhota modi enjoys his new-found love towards twitter trends and moving billions with a 140-character tweet. Reportedly, the global twitter team has already declared that #LalitGate is the most followed trend in the history of digitized world, winning the other important trends in the universe like #Kolaveridi and #BailorJail”, the news channel told Faking News.

“Our channel is currently recruiting staff who can get creative about feeding new materials about #LalitGate against the hungry viewers. Heard that Faking News also has appointed two fulltime satirists!” the news channel took a shot at the reporter.

“With love being used for anything from nail polish to pizza, item songs to mobile phones and Facebook to discotheques, the 4 letter word was a clear winner till modi emerged. The last word from Oxford dictionary declared to include modi in the language in all forms – noun, verb, adverb and adjective.You can ignore love and still be happy in the world; you just can’t ignore modi. He is omnipresent!” the news channel summed up the survey results to Faking News reporter, who just loves modi in all sizes – bada, moderate or chhota.