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Mission Save Sheldon

09, Sep 2014 By karan2star

Delhi. After watching the finale of Season 8 of The Big Bang Theory (TBBT), several Indians have hit the road in order to save Sheldon and all of them were singing – Jane nahin dengey tujhe.

They feel it may be dangerous for him to roam around and live alone. They are strongly offended by the statement given by Penny where she said we can’t take care of him for the whole life. It came as a shock to all those who are expecting to watch TBBT till their old age wanting the whole cast to grow old with them.

Jane nahin dengey tujhe

The CBS team was astonished by the timing of this appeal. The major reason stated by the Indian fans for the delay was majorly due to their broadband speed while many others said that they were too busy in mourning their favourite characters of GOT (Game of Thrones not Ganesh on Thrones).

Infact, it was this threat that has entered their lives through Mr. R. R. Martin and as such, they are now more concerned about Sheldon’s life.

Also a lot of people are very sad because of HIMYM’s (How I met Your Mother) abrupt (read 9 seasons ) ending and as such Sheldon and its bunch of buddies are the only live circle of friends they have. Infact, many of them have already started taking science lessons in order to understand the jokes in a better way and ensure they also smile whenever the background laughs take place in the episodes.

Modi government has ensured that they can do whatever it takes to save Sheldon. They have given this responsibility to HRD Ministry as they feel Smt. Smriti Irani can take this impossible mission and save Sheldon like she saved Mihir Virani years ago during the time when she used to be a bahu/saas/grand saas or whatever.