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Millions sign petition to include "Yo Yo Honey Singh!" in Indian national anthem

10, Mar 2014 By adomado

Given the ever increasing popularity of chart-topper Yo Yo Honey Singh, millions of people have voiced their passionate opinion on a Change.Org petition to include the famous lyrics “yo-yo Honey Singh” as part of the Indian national anthem.

Honey Singh
Honey Singh

This comes right on the back of the latest rumour that Honey Singh would be “rapping” with an age old Bollywood megastar in his 60’s, who can’t get enough of selling gold, real estate projects, herbal creams and even body oil to people.

“Including Yo Yo Honey Singh! in everything simply makes it better. We could even include  ‘Hapnotize’ as well, right? We definitely need to change our national anthem to reflect the fame that is brought by Indian rap stars by showing that we take his lyrics seriously” said Ms. Richa  Kholbotal, an avid follower of the Indian rap scene.

Talking to Faking News, Pendu Jatt – Honey Singh’s manager added that the star was only dishing out memorable songs that people deserve to hear.

Shockingly quoting Oscar Wilde by saying “Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life”, Mr. Pendu Jatt firmly believes that this is way to go with the current music scene, even if many people remain bewildered at his current popularity levels and the exact reasons behind it.