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Mika all set to become an MLA after he slapped a man publicly

14, Apr 2015 By HARSH DOLIA

Mika is all set for getting the prime honour of MLA soon as he has been qualified with the degree of minimum 2 FIR’s against his name. He recently achieved this dignity when he slapped a doctor and the doctor lodged a complain against him.

He tweeted, “I am very happy with this as I am now capable enough to enter the biggest lunatic asylum aka legislative assembly with 2 FIR’s against my name. Damadamm mast kalandar, mai pahuchunga paagalkhaane ke andar.”

Mika Singh
Mika looking forward to his new career

When asked that where has he learnt all these from he said, “I have learnt this from IIN. Here anyone can learn anything if you are willing to learn. It is nowadays easy to become an MLA than passing board exams.”

On this, Pakhi Sawant said, “Call the media, call the media. It is because of me that he is famous today. My lips played a great role to provide him this dignity. I am an cultured Indian lady, he used me to get famous. Call the media, call the media.”

As per our sources, other fellow members of the assembly are very excited to meet him as they also want to learn the art of kissing in public. Speaker of the assembly was happy that now atleast he will be saved from listening abusive language from other members as Mika will sing songs during the session.

Baler Mehandi on listening this news said that if Mika continues to grow at a same pace, one day he will receive Bharat Ratna from honourable president. Marendra Kodi tweeted, “Achche din aa gaye” and Sejriwal said that this is the growth of “Aam aadmi.”

When asked to doctor who was slapped, said, “I have not become famous with this, no one has taken my interview, police didn’t do further investigation as they were busy to serve the upcoming MLA. What I only wanted was justice but police cancelled my FIR with just ease.”