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Mayawati, Virat Kohli, SRK and others claim that Krrish 3 is inspired from them

13, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

After a chain of internet rants against Rakesh Roshan for using characters from X-men for his movie Krrish 3, Faking news has come across a new series of claims of being an inspiration for the film:

Inspiring few, inspired from many.
Inspiring few, inspired by many.

1.Front-runner among the newly surfaced claimants, is BSP supremo Mayawati, who claimed that Krrish’s Statue in film was inspired by dozens of her statues installed across UP during her reign.  BSP sources confirmed the news and added “Behanji is happy but she felt Krrish would have looked good with a hand bag”

2.Referring to the scene during the climax, where a kid hurls abuse towards Kaal- “Kyun Fatt gayi!”, Virat Kohli claimed that he has been an inspiration for the kids in acquiring exhaustive abusive vocabulary. “Though when I was his age, I had already started using MC BC”, Virat added. On a side note Virat shared that he was struggling with the Election commission campaign commercial, where he kept on raising the middle-finger, when he was asked show his inked fore-finger. “I am enthused by the character of Kaal, for we share our innate need of using our fingers, though different ones” said Kohli with a chuckle. “I am going to ask the election commission to rope in Vivek Oberoi, if I struggle too much.”, he further added.

3.A parallel claim for the same dialogue has come from Salman Khan camp. Salman’s spokesperson said “Bhai made fun of Vivek Oberoi by using this line, when Aishwarya ditched him as well”.

4.The family of Edward Bulwer-Lytton, has claimed that he has been the inspiration for the pen designed by Rohit Verma in the film. It was Lytton who first coined the phrase “The Pen is mightier than the Sword”.

5.Kaal’s ‘Pissed off with everyone and at everything’ state of mind has been attributed to have been inspired by Arundhati Roy. Arundhati was pissed off when she heard about this. When contacted she confirmed that she will criticize this as well after she is done criticizing Anna Hazare, Israel, Sri Lanka, Modi, Anti-Naxal policies and Kashmir for India ideology.

6.First world’s 3-in-a-sequence speed-breakers have claimed to have been the inspiration for Hrithik’s abs in the film. “They resemble us”, they said. MMC reportedly laughed at the claim and so did the entire speed breaker species in Mumbai.

7.SRK fans tweeted about the climax scene where Kaal uses the iron rod, which had pierced through his body to hurt Krrish by the same rod. #BaazigarStillRules was among 765,853 top trending topics this weekend, Twitter confirmed in an official release.

8.Aamir Khan claimed the numerology of the film has been inspired by the dyslexic character- Ishaan Awasthi from his film, Taare Zameen Par. “Rakesh just confused 2 with 3”, he said before adding “Aila! 3 se yaad aaya, I look amazing in Dhoom 3”

9.However the most believable claim, though from multiple sources, came for a dialogue used by the nurse to inform Krrish about his newly acquired fatherhood- “Congratulations! Beta hua hai”. At the time this report was sent to be published, over 5 lakhs mid-wives and obstetrician staff across India had registered their claim over the dialogue. Sources have confirmed that considering the potential legal and financial implications, Rakesh Roshan is thinking about editing the dialogue to “Congratulations! Beti hui hai”, which on the contrary is easier to defend as ‘based on fiction’ nature of the film.