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Mass female suicide after Shahid Kapoor’s successful marriage

10, Jul 2015 By Kshitiz Sudhakar

The extremely over hyped celebrity wedding of Shahid Kapoor and Mira Rajput has finally come to an end and Shahid is a married man now. The wedding created a rage on social media and girls from all over the nation couldn’t resist posting about their broken heart. Reports suggests that there have been three suicides in New Delhi after Shahid posted a pic with his darling Mira on Instagram captioning it “Hitched”. A girl working in a leading PR agency of Delhi named Rumali updated her Facebook status to “Yeh Bhi Haath Se Gaya.. Ab Main Bhi Jaa Rahi Hoon!” before hanging herself in her room which was full of Shahid’s A3 posters and pirated movies. She left a suicide note condemning Kareena Kapoor for using his Shahid and blaming her for the death. A similar case was reported in Okhla where a girl cut her nerves and bleed to death for not being able to marry him.

When they got Hitched, Many girls felt Ditched!
When they got Hitched, Many girls felt Ditched!

Faking news reporter Saifu tried contacting Rumali’s parents for some emotional content which was required for his channel Abhi Tak to receive high TRP. He was stunned to find her mother embracing Shahid Kapoor’s photograph and moaning in grief asking Shahid Kapoor to at least come and give his daughter a last homage so that she may peacefully rest in heaven. Our reporter wanted to ask her that how she was so sure about her daughter’s entry to heaven but then ignored because of her constant moaning which irritated as well as aroused him.

He tried contacting Shahid Kapoor for a reaction but he remained unavailable most probably busy with his wife trying to figure out how to impress Vishal Bhardwaj for a role in his next blockbuster movie, probably also convincing him to cast Mira opposite him. Meanwhile Amrita Rao who acted with the newlywed star in the critically and commercially hit movie Vivaah tweeted, “May Rumali get Shahid in her afterlife or may she be born as the first child of Shahid and Mira”. The tweet was retweeted by Mrs. Kareena Kapoor Khan Pataudi who had been Shahid’s girlfriend for almost a decade. It seems that she is yet to recover from the breakup or maybe shahid’s chiseled body has impressed her once again and she secretly admires her.

Mira Rajput the beautiful bride of Shahid debuted on twitter to support his hubby and one tweet from her which was yet to be verified was enough to stop all the drama going around the country and social media. The tweet was, “why on earth will a girl named Rumali demand to marry Shahid”? I mean how could she even think of him? My sympathies with her family, controversy done and dusted in style”. Mira’s last tweet was, “Please let us enjoy our honeymoon phase because we both know in the long run we have to bear each other so let us make out the best of it and build patience to handle the upcoming chaotic situation”.

Saifu our innocent reporter wanted to ask Mira a question regarding the Kareena-Shahid MMS scandal which went viral perhaps in 2004-05 even before the word viral went viral but choose not to hurt the young lady because a marriage is a marriage is a marriage. We wish ShaMira a very happy life ahead and our heartfelt condolences to all those girls who were dreaming to be Shahid’s bride.