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Mario sues Rakesh Roshan for allegedly copying 'Mario World' graphics in Krrish 3

05, Nov 2013 By habibali

In a recent blow to Filmkraaaaft Productions, the forgotten superhero ‘Mario’ has filed a lawsuit against Rakesh Roshan for an alleged graphics lift-off of his popular video game ‘Super Mario’.

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A dejected Mario feels cheated , as he was stunned to observe such a trend in the era of films like Avatar & Life Of Pi.

In an official statement to FN, Mario explains, ” Rakesh had requested for a trial version of ‘Super Mario’ last year, stating that his grandson was interested in playing the forgotten game. He asked about my Mario World & the creatures it contains, also going to an extent that he might give him a break in his next venture.  Therefore, Citing this as a golden comeback opportunity, I gave up my exclusive rights too him.   But only after seeing the trailers of Krissh 3, I realized it the request was indeed for his own son, Hrithik ! “

Meanwhile, we at FakingNews have scrutinized the allegations and found Rakesh Roshan guilty of such heinous act. Many of the so called desi-VFX is in fact a jugaad from SUPER MARIO Game.

An anonymous employee of BlueChillies who had worked for Krrish3 said, “As a token advance, RR paid us a penny to showcase a Demo and we nailed his vision though a ‘Life of Pi’ kind VFX. But that is when he really got serious &  took the penny back along with the VFX “. RR subsequently offered us CD’s of Mario Super World (Version 1,2,3,4 & Five  and told us to think differently. This is when realized we had to betray Mario Bhaiya, and get into the graphics-smuggling business.”