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Mario comes out in real world, will enter Bigg Boss 7

05, Nov 2013 By habibali

If rumors are to believed, Bigg Boss has invited Maar Riyo aka Super Mario to be part of next episodes of the ongoing season BB7.

Welcome to India.
Welcome to India.

Ever since destiny has struck, Mario seems to be out of his ‘Mario World’. Leaving all the cabbages & cauliflowers around, Mario reached the Mumbai International Airport in the wee hours this mornings.

And in an unusual way of confirming the news,  Mario broke the ‘C’ Of CST Terminal Sign-Board in his upswing style, rather than giving a formal interview. Demanding an apology for this memorable act, ShivSena has demanded an apology from the Sultan of VideoGames, Saamna headlines this as ” +1 to Mario for being the latest immigrant in Sena’s Mumbai”.

Meanwhile, talking about his plans and strategy of being the latest in-house contestant, Mario’s Manager Marli said, ” This is no new to my client, he has been dominating a World on his own from the last 30 Years. Yeh house kya cheez hai ?”

An equivalently excited Salman Khan is too keen , to see Mario play inside the house. The bodyguard tweeted, “Swaagat nahi karoge hamaara #Mario ? “.

The Audience is also abuzz about Mario Strategy, Chintu who is a regular viewer of BB, since he was born says ‘ It will be nice see Mario doing tasks, like washing, shoe-polishing and abusing the inmates.

I wanted to see the real ‘Maar Maar Maar’ from Mario” . Some people also believe, Mario might have joined BB7 to make a statement that Kushal Tandon is not the only with a capabilty to ‘jump’ out of a house to reach his own house. He will prove all this wrong.