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Manmohan Singh to enter Bigg Boss, Sidhu says Thoko Tali

19, Oct 2013 By ankitpandey

Dr Manmohan Singh has requested a wild card entry in Big Boss 7 to Salman Khan after going through his Facebook page where he observed that jokes on him are more popular than Santa Banta jokes and are leveraging all the social sites like Facebook, Twitter etc. He is looking forward to garner economic and political benefits of his new eponymous image.

His entry in Big boss, according to Dr Singh, will shred off his ignominious image, as a failed PM and thrust his carrier with an “escape velocity of Jupiter” to new heights and will also help UPA in 2014 general elections. Sonia Gandhi is reported to be upset with Manmohan as he did not take her permission before announcing his decision in Media.

Manmohan Singh
Manmohan outside Bigg Boos house bidding goodbye to fans.

Sonia and Rahul held a press conference on this issue where Salman khan too was invited but did not attend when he came to know about Ajay Makan’s tragedy. (as reported by his PA). Worth noting, Sonia did not utter a single word against Salman “Khan” fearing this will hurt the party’s “secular” image.

“Party needs his perpetual effort and dedication as he is the only leader in the party who can control his tongue. ( While saying this she humorously quoted an example when she went to Raebareilly for a campaign where she was asked by an old lady whether Dr Singh is mute ) .

We cannot expect Digvijay Singh or Manish Tiwari to hold the “constitutionally responsible” position of “puppet PM” who keep speaking sh*t with great confidence and further keep on debating with chutzpah”-Sonia Gandhi. Rahul could only add the word “nonsense” in the entire development of the press conference as his script was not ready because the conference was held impromptu.

Salmaan Khan said he would not mind Dr Singh entering Big boss but he reiterated that Pappu would be more suitable for the “reality show” which has hardly any stuff “real” in it. Pappu, according to Salman Khan, is master in acting fake and delivering speeches which appears to be virtually “real” like “Bigboss” .

It is believed Salman Khan and Color family is so impressed by his acting in high wire well scripted drama in Ajay Makan’s press conference and further by his nonsensical polemic speeches in his rallies that they are looking forward to cast Pappu in Big boss which, according to them, will skyrocket the TRP of the show.

“Thoko Taali ..Literally, Dr Singh will be doing the “same job” but this time at a right place” -said, Navjot Singh Sidhdhu who was extremely delirious anticipating Dr Singh’s new Avatar. He is also about to propose Dr Singh “Hindi Speaking” classes, which will include “muhaawraas” and “shayris”, so that Singh can be voluble at the show and can talk to personalities like Dolly Bindra. Dr Singh, meanwhile, was found talking to Manish Arora to change his get up and get a modish look.