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Manmohan Singh to be participant in Big Boss 7

26, Aug 2013 By Satnam Singh

It has been learned from reliable sources that Prime Minister Manmohan Singh will be one of the contestants in the upcoming Big Boss 7 starting on September 15, 2013.

The news may come as a surprise to many but our reliable source has informed us that Mr. Singh was getting a feeling that he has been highly misunderstood by the people of this country and therefore wanted to use this opportunity to clear his position. Also he felt that since he would be locked in the house for around 90 days he would be free to speak his mind without any instructions from Mrs. G and Pappu G.

Manmohan Singh is already thinking if he’ll be able to play politics inside the house to survive.

Mr. Digvijay Singh on being questioned about Mr. Singh’s entry into the big boss house has raised concern over his candidature stating that Mr. Manmohan Singh is not used to speaking his mind and would end up resorting to his most favoured language – Silence. According to him, only Mr. Rahul Gandhi was fit to be nominated for big boss as he could not think of anyone else who would be the most suitable candidate.

In the meanwhile the opposition parties have strongly opposed the move as they feel that the ruling party is trying to use the popular TV show to propagate their own agenda. They have promised that they would effectively counter this offensive by fielding Ms. Uma Bharti, the fire band BJP leader, to counter Mr. Manmohan Singh.

The general public though, on being questioned, was quite excited at the prospect of seeing Mr. Manmohan Singh as one of the contestants in Big Boss 7. Many of them stated that it would be welcome change to see someone speak for almost 90 days as against only once in 365 days as they have been so accustomed to. Quite a few of them were even shocked and surprised that Mr. Manmohan Singh could actually speak up and express himself.

To summarise it all, they have welcomed the move saying that it was a wonderful change and they would eagerly look forward to seeing the show and also given the chance that this might as well prove to be Mr. Manmohan Singh’s last chance to speak up for himself.