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Manmohan Singh replaces Salman Khan as host of Bigg Boss 8

10, Sep 2014 By yash1989

Mumbai. In a dramatic turnaround, the host of Bigg Boss 8, a show that depicts people cursing, abusing, fighting, snuggling and again cursing, abusing, fighting till someone throws them out of the alarmingly clean house, has been replaced.

The People’s Man (God knows what that means), He-Man Reincarnation (Long Live Revital) and the Superhero who can fight both DC and Marvel’s superheroes with just his dialogue delivery (eg: Don’t underestimate the power of a tailor, he can ‘cut and sew’ wherever he wants to) has been replaced by a man who reinstated the phrase ‘Silence Is Golden’, Manmohan Singh.

Manmohan Singh
“Theek hai”

The reason for this particular Human Being for not Being Human and unhumanely walking off this show is being termed just as this sentence is, confusing! According to our sources which do not have a source, have found out that one of the to-be contestants apparently called Salman ‘Uncle’. Contradictorily, this did not trigger anger but caused tears to roll down the actor’s handsome face, to the strong jawline, to the shoulders, then the broad chest then the abs and then…(censored). This emotional outbreak was because the word ‘Uncle’ awakened a sort of a paternal instinct which could not be channelized because as claimed by himself, he is a virgin.

Another of our sources backed the channel’s decision of selecting a new host by saying that, “Manmohan Singh has been the ‘Face’ of the nation for 10 years, and so it was natural for a fake show to look for a face that goes with its ideology. The concept of receiving orders and doing as told is not new to him and hence he is the right person to do the job.”

Our sources close to Arwind Kejriwal (yes, we have lots of sources) mentioned “Yehi to Scam Hai, The whole show is rigged. The outcome of the show is already planned, Rahul Baba is going to enter the contest as a wild card and win the show. Do you see the nexus – Bigg Boss-Host-Contestant. If Manmohan Singh is the host, Rahul Baba is a contestant then we surely know who the Bigg Boss is right?”

To get an insider’s view on the topic, India’s only actor worthy of an Oscar, KRK (The previous sentence was claimed by the actor himself) shared his lack of wisdom. “I should be the host, everyone else are two rupees people but I am three rupees people and the contestants are one rupee people and according to Darwin’s Blackhole theory, Pie is equal to one fourth the value of Sigma, and Alpha and Omega had an affair which resulted in Beta that starred Madhuri Dixit and Anil kapoor who acted in Slumdog Millionaire that won an Oscar and hence I should win an Oscar and I should be the host.”

The above sentence is too difficult to digest hence we end the article at this point and request our readers to eat Hajmola and get on with life.