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Mango growers seek ban on screening of movie Piku

11, May 2015 By MRP

Mango growers all over the country are protesting against the recently released movie Piku. The federation of mango growers has sought a ban on screening the Amitabh Bachchan and Deepika Padukone starrer with immediate effect, upset with the likening of mango pulp to poop. They claim that in two days since the release of the movie, mango sales have dropped by a whopping forty percent.

The president of the federation had this to say in support of the ban. “As it is we are reeling with the problem of low production of the fruit this year due to unseasonal rains. Now this. If the sales have gone down so much in just two days, what is going to happen in a week’s time when most people would have seen the movie.”

“Movie scene discussing mango pulp like poop”
“Movie scene discussing mango pulp like poop”

Meanwhile there are reports of other effects of Piku on various people. A mango pulp factory has reported that all their workers suffered from nausea soon after they saw bottles getting filled with mango pulp. Some farmers themselves are reported to have swooned or puked in their own orchards, where they used spend the whole day enjoying the aroma of the fruit not too long ago.

One section of the mango growers however are not affected. The kachcha mango growers say “We are not worried. Our mangoes are the pickle variety. They are neither yellow nor fleshy.” Some others are trying to get a clarification from the director of the movie as to which specific variety of mango he had in mind at the time of filming, so that those who don’t grow that variety at least can find some solace.

A representative of the director said, of course on condition of anonymity, “The movie was supposed to be released after the mango season. But due to technical reasons we advanced it without realising the repercussions. Sir himself is running away from mangoes these days. He has not had even one fruit this season.”