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Mango Aadmi Party appoints Sunny Leone as media spokeswoman

25, Mar 2014 By vijay13

Ever since Arvind  was caught by a sting operation threatening jail terms to media people… the media struck back like never before!

Channels which fought each other over TRP ratings  and claimed more than the opponent and  newspapers which routinely showed tongues at each other sent their representatives to the Press club with one bottle of old monk each. After 50 bottles of rum were downed an unanimous resolution was passed.

No Mango AP news… No Party faces on TV anymore!

Ten kilometers away from the Press club, Arvind got the news from his moles in the media.

“Bahut Krantikari bahut Krantikari…” Punya whispered on his mobile phone to Arvind. “Big business will black us out… but let me take my next salary from big business before I leak out more…”

Arvind and  Bharati jumped on their chairs when they got this news. Arvind’s muffler went flying and Bharati’s topi hit the ceiling .

” Arre sirjee… yeh kya keh diya aap ne…” Bharti admonished Arvind. ” No news means we are finished!”

” We are children of the media… how can they ditch us now? ” Arvind snapped. ” They needed us for TRP ratings and ads… they will still need us … but how?”

Bharati went around the room in circles. He already had experience of spamming sites. He knew what Indians wanted.

He whispered into Arvind’s ears, “abracadabara abracadabra… shshs su su su…”

Arvind’s eyes lit up. “Yes let us announce a spokeslady which the news channels would love to have !” His voice got excited, “Let us have a SMS… or an MMS poll!”

So finally the poll was announced. The choices to the people were Poonam Pandey, Rakhi and … and Sunny leone!!

As we know Indians love the other sexy woman as long as she wears a sari to be respectable enough to present to their parents. In fact Sunny Leone had anyway done all the “dishonorable” things outside India, while here she never exposed even one cm more than what the censors censured!

She won the poll hands down! Yes aam aadmi of  India wanted her !

“Mahesh Bhatt is already casting me as a wronged woman who entered porn by circumstances but is actually an innocent doll.” Sunny heard the news approvingly, ” who would believe that  I am now Orally discussing politics !!!”

So the announcement was made…

And last we heard at 7.00 PM today, all the channels want the Mango spokesperson on their panel.!!!!