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Management Institute makes novel writing compulsory for MBA students

08, Aug 2014 By Aparna Upadhyay

Delhi. In another path breaking initiative in the field of management, IIPM (Indian Institute of Pretentious Management) made book writing mandatory for all the last semester students of MBA yesterday. The degree given to the students will now be called “Post graduate diploma in scripting editing and management (PGDSEM)”.

Arindam Hair
Again daring to think beyond IIM?

Calling it another move in which they “dared to think beyond the IIMs”, the dean quoted, “We want our students to be ahead of everyone. Even before the IIM students begin to write, our students will at least have ‘campus-bestsellers’ under their names. We will be using these books as research work for the new students coming to our college which has best rankings according to all newspapers.”

Additionally, the students with the “best campus best-seller” will be handling IIPM social media accounts where they will post exaggerated rankings give insights about their campuses all over India.

The college faculties added, “This way we are opening gates for our students to be script-writers as soon as they pass out from college which has a 350 acre sprawling campus”

“Yes that is right! You can expect many eminent south-Indian and Hindi movie directors and producers in our campus recruitment cell form the next year,” included other teacher for the college.

IIPM students across the countries welcomed this change with open arms. Says Rahul Chaudhary who completed his engineering Manjeet Professional University, “Writing has always been my passion since the second year of my engineering. I had planned to publish my first novel ‘4.5 year struggle with my 6 year-long relationship’ after my MBA but this decision will make my journey as a writer easier.”

Bhadra University and universities like “IIPQRSSTM” are soon said to follow the same steps in their universities. Meanwhile, HRD ministry has expressed the need to open government colleges providing degrees in PGDSEM.