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Man who claimed that Farah Khan stole his story for 'Happy New Year', beaten and admitted to hospital

04, Nov 2014 By manithan

Mumbai: A 30-year old man, who claimed two days back, that his story was stolen by Farah Khan and was made into Happy New Year, was beaten by unknown assailants today and was admitted to hospital.

Ramnath(30), who worked as an assistant director for 5 years and is preparing himself for his directorial debut, revealed to swarm of press two days back that ‘Happy New Year’ was originally his script. He further alleged that he had briefed the whole screenplay to Farah four years back and she never called him back for further discussion. He further added that he was enraged after seeing the movie, which played out the very exact screenplay he had told to Farah, years back.

Farah Khan fully denied it and Shahrukh Khan was not available for comments. This controversy adds up to the another issue down south, where an assistant director from TamilNadu has alleged that the “Ghajini” fame A.R.Murugadoss has stolen his story for recently released movie.

After this controversy caught storm on social media, a furious Shahrukh tweeted, “Happy New Year is entirely Farah’s own story. She wrote each and every scene. Just like Om Shanti Om. #HNYTopGrosser ” Salman Khan fans immediately took the issue to Twitter, with hashtags like #CopyCatSRK and #SalluBhaiIsAlwaysOriginal. Ramnath was celebrated by Salman and Aamir Khan fans, while SRK fans were abusing him both online and offline.

Shahrukh Khan silencing his co-actors of Happy New Year movie, when a press member asked about who attacked Ramnath.
Shahrukh Khan silencing his co-actors of Happy New Year movie, when a press member asked about who attacked Ramnath.

As a twist to the tale, Ramnath was attacked today, when he was dining in a restaurant with his wife. Onlookers told that three men with masks and wooden sticks came to the restaurant. Once entering, they looked for Ramnath and started hitting him alone for 5 minutes. After Ramnath fainted, they dropped a note on him and left the place in bikes.

Ramnath’s wife Aarthi was crying outside ICU, while Ramnath was admitted in serious condition. She said, “It happened all of a sudden. Before I could realise what is happening, Ram was lying there unconscious. I think it must be Shahrukh, Jr B and Farah Khan in masks, who attacked my husband.”

After initial investigation, police revealed that attackers must be people who lost their mind after watching Happy New Year. The policeman said, “The attackers have left a note. In that, they have mentioned that ‘You said that you were the one who wrote HNY story. Because of you, we lost 1000 rupees and happiness. This is punishment for that!’. We are viewing CCTV camera for finding any clue about the assailants.”

Sources close to Farah Khan said that, she was shocked to hear that Ramnath was attacked . Also, she was said to be shocked two days earlier, when Ramnath started the plagiarism controversy, because she had a belief that she never had a story in mind for Happy New Year.