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Man watches Gravity ten times, suffers zero gravity & starts flying

06, Dec 2013 By gaathi

110 years after the Wright Brothers took there first flight on the flying machine  a.k.a. airplane, Galt Singh a native of Patiala today took first unaided human flight in the history.

Some movies inspires
Some movies inspire way too much.

Prima facie, it seemed to be a drunk and flying case where people who saw him flying in the Patiala airspace thought him to have consumed excess of Patiala pegs in a party but later in the medical reports it was confirmed that the flyer wasn’t drunk at all.

Doctors and scientists who flew in from different hospitals and IITs of the country and also the teams of scientists who flew in from ISRO and DRDO were all left in a quandary after they came to know about the cause that influenced the flight.

Galt Singh claims to have watched the Hollywood block buster Gravity ten times and says that his flight was a result of weightlessness he felt after each time he watched the movie. He also adds that the movie so inspired him that even at the tenth time when he came out of the hall and closed his eyes, he felt as if in space. Thus, he jumped from the staircase leading out of the cinema hall and started flying.

Researchers and scientists across the world are now discussing the possibility of such an event to occur, but since  there many eye witnesses to Galt Singh’s flight some scientists are now planning to experiment whether more such flights can be influenced.

“Well it would be a major advancement in the Modern Physics if we are able to defy the law of gravity by an influence of a motion picture, but in order to do it again we have to carry out our experiment in exactly similar conditions as Galt Singh’s,” asserts Vyengapallam Khurcham, a scientist in NASA .

The psychologists however, call it absolutely possible. “Everything is in the state of mind”, says Dr’ Fraud.