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Man surprises everyone by not laughing at a single stunt from the most awaited comedy movie Dhoom3

31, Dec 2013 By chaitu

Amidst all the buzz around the most awaited comedy movie of the year(Dhoom 3), a 23 year old guy Chaitu was found guilty for not laughing at a single stunt in the movie.

Deadpan comedy.

This horrifying incident came to light when Pradeep, the person who was sitting beside Chaitu found out he wasn’t laughing at any stunts. Pradeep later went on to call AAJ TAK who were more than happy to cover this topic as the last 24 hours of their telecasts were about Rohith Sharma’s good leave of Dale Steyn’s in swinger and why India lost the second test against SA.

While their so called expert panel with the nation’s most loved and renowned cricketers(most of whom failed miserably at the international level) were running short of opinions on why Dhoni should give up his captaincy. At this point of time, this news was like gold to them.

While FN tried to contact film expert Kiran, who consider this event highly unlikely talked to us saying, “This is impossible. Bollywood never disappoints people, here we hear Salman Khan’s confession of being virgin at at the ripe age of 48, we love watching Shahrukh’s over acting skills, we like the struggle of people like John Abraham and Sonam Kapoor trying to act in their movies and people like Saif and Ajay(there was a long pause, even Kiran wasn’t sure what they both do in their movies). How can one forget the yester-generation actors. How can one forget the hairy chest of Anil Kapoor, and Govinda’s shouting skills, Sunil Shetty’s dialoge delivery, and plastic expressions of Sanjay Dutt. Now when Aamir Khan along with Junior Bachchan and Uday tried to take Bollywood to next level, It becomes the right of everyone to appreciate that. That guy is insane.”

Abhishek Bachchan was reportedly upset about this incident. He later went on to say “I tried my best to make people laugh in all the parts of dhoom. This time I even did a wheelie with an auto and I even jumped about 20ft to hit a man and then took a brief pause there(f*#k physics that’s why) and then landed on a bike from there, how can a person not laugh even after watching this?” said furious Bachchan. Other comedy film director Ram Gopal Varma talked exclusively to faking news, he responded “all these days I thought RGV’s AAG was the best comedy movie in the history of Indian cinema but after watching dhoom 3, I was pretty sure this was going to take my film’s place. But after hearing that even this movie failed to make a person laugh , I’ve decided to take up this challenge to make another movie which will make whole nation laugh or rather proud”.

To take his defense, Chaitu called a press meet to respond all the criticism on him. He said, “Hailing from the land of Tollywood where hero’s are born with iron testicles and where heroes can slide a horse under a lorry and where hero’s can even send the trains back and pull chairs towards them without using their hands, I wasn’t impressed by the efforts of Dhoom 3’s cast. The standards displayed in Dhoom 3 were set by our heroes in early 90‘s. But nevertheless there is a glimpse of hope to know people like Rohith shetty, Rakesh Roshan and Karan Johar are still making movies. I sense a bright future after watching Salman Khan’s Jai Ho’s trailer. I am pretty sure the crew of Jai Ho would disprove all the laws of gravity and make those people shameful who invented such stupid rules.”