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Man sues Bullet Raja producer for fake claims

02, Dec 2013 By hyperbole

Bullet Raja Poster
Bullet Raja Poster

Shimla: Ramesh Rasiya, 30, has filed a fresh plaint against the makers of Bullet Raja for making false claims in the trailer. Talking exclusively to Faking News, Ramesh said,” Owing to the cold weather of Shimla, we went to watch the movie just because the trailers claimed aaenge toh garmi badhaenge. We thought it would provide us with some relief from the cold. But the claims of the movie were absolutely false as we did not feel any warmth.” “In fact”, says Ramesh,” we felt colder due to the air conditioners of the cinema hall.”

Not only Ramesh but people from various parts of North-India have complained against the movie. According to our sources in Chandigarh, Shrinagar and New Delhi, there has been a massive outrage amongst the people. “Some have even resorted to vandalism in multiplexes”, says Alex John, our senior correspondent from Chandigarh. Sameer, another citizen from Shimla says,” We want our money back. People have come to watch this movie just to get some respite from the cold wave. Even poor people are turning out in huge numbers. It isn’t easy for them to shell out a few hundred bucks just for a movie.”

When our Faking News reporter in Mumbai contacted Tigmanshu Dhulia, the producer cum director of the movie, he laughed it off and said, “I am ready to appear in any court of order to defend my case. The claims are completely baseless.”

Sources say that Dhulia is actually going to face this case in court. It seems that his next movie might be based on this courtroom scenario.

Saif Ali Khan, the protagonist of the movie, was unavailable for comments.

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