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Man steals 3D glasses from movie halls to try seeing real life in 3D

31, Dec 2013 By Vaibhav Anand

Delhi: Today, Faking News managed to get in touch with a man who has been stealing 3D movie glasses from cinema halls for a few years, having managed to build an impressive collection of over fifty pairs of 3D glasses. The glasses range from the cheap swimming lesson type glasses offered at low grade movie halls to the thick sunglass like ones offered at the more premium establishments.

Source could not confirm if the name of the guy is Rahul Gandhi.
Source could not confirm if the name of the man is Rahul Gandhi.

“Yes, I have been stealing these for a few years now,” the man told this Faking News reporter, on condition of anonymity. “The damn 3D movie tickets are so expensive that I think we should be offered these glasses complimentary anyway.”

“But I am disappointed with them,” he added. “Real life mein woh cinema hall walee feel hee nahin aatee inhe lagake.

When this Faking News reporter tried explaining to the man that real life was already 3D (or three dimensional) as opposed to the two dimensional cinema screen, he looked confused for a moment and then smiled before saying, “You almost had me there.”

“Lolz,” he added.