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Man says Game of Thrones sucks; beaten badly by GoT fans

08, Jun 2014 By Awadhi 66A

In a shocking turn of events, today, a guy was beaten badly after he posted negative reviews of popular HBO fantasy-drama series ‘Game of thrones’ on Facebook.

Elaborating the incident, our local correspondent reports that the man was probably very upset when his favorite character Oberyn Martell was killed off in the last episode. He went on to vent his rage on social media which ultimately turned fatal for him.

Game of Thrones
Killer TV series.

He wrote, “Game of thrones is nothing but a piece of crap where everybody is either naked or lying in a pool of blood or both at the same time, on occasions. It has nudity, excessive violence, mythical beasts and like a gazillion characters and bazillion plotlines. Frankly, it’s worse than RGV’s Aag.”

This status of his at once went viral and crazed fans of the series began betting on his head. The moderate ones suggested trial by combat where the radical ones wanted instant beheading due to the heinous nature of this heresy.

One fan, on condition of anonymity, remarked, “How could anyone in his right senses not like game of thrones? It has nudity, excessive violence, intricate and complex plotlines and morally ambiguous characters plus it has FREAKING Dragons. In my opinion the man must have been not in sound mental health.” He added he belonged to the moderate faction of the fandom.

Echoing the views of radical fans, a man who changed his name to Jon Snow after watching the show added, “If someone says Game of thrones is excessively violent…slash his/her wrist with a razor, take out his guts with a kitchen knife and strangle him/her with it while blood drips down from his/her wrist coloring the ground red….you don’t need that (the guy/girl) kind of negative energy around you.”

Faking news contacted an expert to get his views on the events.

“I have been told that the man was depressed because his girlfriend has just broken up with him when after watching ‘’Frozen’ for 139th time with her and upon asked how it was, he merely said ‘okay’. His girlfriend, adhering to the message received from Princess Elsa, promptly let it (their relationship) go. Furthermore, his friends have been avoiding him ever since he ‘Liked’ the page of ‘I love Skyler White’ (Breaking Bad). These incidents show his erratic behavior and non-conformist nature which ultimately proved fatal for him,” said the expert.

Following the growing number of such incidents, the creators of Game of Thrones have advised people to not air negative views about the show on social media platforms.