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Man prepares to get Bikini Wax after winning Poonam Pandey’s bikini

20, Feb 2013 By Aakarsh

Preface: Poonam Pandey has come a long way since flirting with the country’s love for cricket. 372,000 Twitter Followers sure is a long way (Come on!). The actress busy promoting her debut movie ‘Nasha’ has taken new business techniques.

Poonam Pandey’s ad for a ‘worn bikini by me’ was her latest antic. The actress said, “I love my fans very much and I wanted to make this Valentine’s Day special for them. One lucky winner will have the bikini suit that I wore in the film, Nasha, as a gift of love from me,” added Poonam. People had to tweet with some lame hashtag (#grabNASHAbikini )in order to take part in the competition.

@JituuuB and @iPrasenjit_M (Yes, both male. Do you really expect female fans of Poonam? And yes, we also don’t get what they will do with the Bikinis). Anyways, these two were apparently presented with the bikinis at a live radio show in Mumbai today at 8am (And here the rest of India cry about lack of sleep)

Ecstatic in their glory, the two men refused to talk about their future plans. But, we talked to our sources inside the Radio Station and here is what they had to say.

First thing, I am going to get a proper Bikini Wax- so that I can wear this bikini and walk down the ramp. It is a pleasure winning this. Poonam Pandey is surely the next big thing, and having her bikini partly means that I am a part of her fame. He was about to break down as he went on to thank his friend Chintu, who gave him the idea of making a Twitter account. “It would not have been possible without Chintu, he has been instrumental in my success… – I will surely let him have this for one night, and click pictures for him, so that he can post onto his Facebook account and get a lot of likes” – Speaking of his future plans, he is ready to walk down the ramp and launch his career.

@iPrasenjit_M: Holy Lord I just had a conversation with my lovely Godess@iPoonampandey .Gosh I am shivering..LOVE U.. Thanks to@anuraagpandey feverfm #fb

Having recovered from this shivers, he said that he will finally have a girlfriend. Our source being surprised by his statement asked him about how this relates to having a girlfriend. He said all the girls I have Direct Messaged on Twitter and Inboxed on Facebook have either ignored me, or have sent me packing. Now, I can inbox them my pictures with Poonam Ji’s Bikini on. This will be a huge boost to my chances of getting a reply as this is a very special thing that I got today. Our source said that he then called his mother to ask what would be a good day to debut with the Bikini, his mother apparently disconnected the phone saying that Hindu rules of wearing new clothes do not apply to undergarments.