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Man memorizes names of all characters from Game of Thrones; to become brand ambassador of Dabur Chavanprash

27, Apr 2015 By Deepak Karamungikar

Bangalore. Bangalore youngster has created a record by remembering all the characters from all seasons of the HBO TV show, Game of Thrones and created a memory record. He claims to remember all the names in alphabetical order. Torrentesh Kumar is a fresh engineering graduate who is looking for jobs. In his free time, he catches up with TV shows and is particularly enthralled by Game of Thrones. He remembers all the houses, titles and names of characters in the series.

As a result of his extraordinary achievement, Dabur Chavanprash has approached him to be their brand ambassador and Torrentesh has gladly accepted. He has been eating Chavanprash ever since he was a child and personally believes that it has helped him in achieving this feat. Dabur as well,  is glad to have him on board and is glad to be a part of his success.

In their next ad campaign, Dabur planning to have Torrentesh wearing GoT costumes endorsing their product. They are also planning to launch a new flavor, called, Dabur Chavanprash Singhasan.


Deepak Karamungikar