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Man manages to buy First Day First Show movie ticket despite standing in a queue

18, Jan 2013 By Sandeep Kadian

A 63 yrs old man, Ramesh Kumar, resident of Peepli town in Mukhya Pradesh has managed to buy a ticket for the first day first show of a movie despite standing in a queue the whole time. He managed this feat without jumping the queue at any time, without finding a contact further up the line to move ahead and even without shoving or pushing anyone. This feat was achieved at Sheila Talkies in Peepli where Ramesh has been a regular for 45 years.

Speaking to this reporter, Ramesh Kumar said, “This was the greatest day of my life. I have been trying for the last 45 years to get the first day first show ticket for a movie and I finally succeeded in getting tickets to Arjun Rampal starrer Inkaar. This journey began when I entered college. I heard that a good movie is best enjoyed first day, first show. Since that day, I have been trying to get the tickets to one but never managed it due to my bad habit of waiting in a queue.”

Recounting his long struggle, Ramesh went on to tell Faking News: “Sometimes there used to be a queue, sometimes there were as many queues as the number of people at the counter. There were several occasions when I thought I will get the tickets but at the last minute, someone will push me out of the line and put his hand in. At other times, someone entered the ticket booth from the back door and took the last remaining tickets leaving me disappointed at the window.”

“I even tried sleeping in front of the theater on Thursday night to make sure I was the leading the queue when window opens but at the exact moment when window opens, there used to come a strong push from left and right and I never managed to get hold of the ticket even after giving the money. ”

When asked whether the security never intervened to ensure order at the ticket encounter, Ramesh said, “They used to lathicharge once in a while to ensure order but even their lathicharge used to start from the front of the line. So, I did get many lathis but never the ticket.”

Initially, Ramesh Kumar used to try his luck only during major releases of the leading stars but post his retirement 2 years ago, he started coming to the theater during the release of every film.

“I was sure that Bhoot Returns will break my jinx and I will get to watch a movie during the first show itself but the guy never turned up to open the ticket window. When I called him up to ask why the window isn’t open, he said ‘RGV ki film dekhta hi kaun hai, aaj to chutti le lene do.’”

Now that he has achieved his lifelong dream, Ramesh Kumar wants to move on, “I want to go on a pilgrimage now to thank God for letting me see a movie first day, first show. I will book my tickets through IRCTC and head to Kashi.”