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Man gets asthma attack during 'I Am Resident of India' ad, hospitalized

24, Feb 2014 By Nilesh Kumar

A 30 year old man was admitted in city hospital after he got asthma attack  while watching the customary ‘I Am Resident of India’ ad just before Robocop 3D in Unreal Cinemas this Friday morning.

“Yes, there has been an incident in screen 145 at 10.40 am show of Robocop 3D where a middle aged man got an asthma attack during one of the ads. See, it’s like we take so much care to make the 3D lifelike that the man thought all the dust being thrown around in the ad was real and started asphyxiating. But as the theater was empty, our ushers immediately noticed it and we got him admitted in nick of time. I have talked to the treating doctor and everything is said to be under control. We have also provided him a couple pass for the premiere of next Robocop movie as goodwill gesture,” says  Mr. Tiwari, Operation Manager, Unreal Cinema

Upon contacting the victim to know whether he was going to press charges, we were not surprised to find him more than thankful to the Multiplex and the Ad agency for saving him from the torture. “After reading the reviews and public reaction on FB, I am more than happy and thankful that I got that attack and was spared of the torture,” stated the victim.

When asked what he is going to do with the Couple pass he got from the Multiplex, He said he wants to gift it to his Gf who was supposed to be with him but chose to watch Gunday instead (which according to him is Baywatch for Gay Coalminers).