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Man found in Coma after listening Siddhu's commentary last night

10, Apr 2015 By sameer mahawar

Kolkata: The excitement of the win of their home team in the opening match of season 8 of IPL couldn’t last long when parents of Fanu Kumar found him in unconscious state on Thursday morning.

Fanu, who painted his face with colors of KKR, started watching IPL which started as well as ended with ‘taabad-tod’ and ‘gaganchumbhi’ commentary of Sardar Navjot Singh Siddhu. “For first three overs his commentary was bearable but after that our tolerance limit for his never ending idioms and phrases started reducing”, said a friend of Fanu who was watching the match along with him.

We tried to connect to Siddhu but he still was in the commentary box even after the match got finished.
We tried to connect to Siddhu but he still was in the commentary box even after the match got finished.

“We thought it would last for maximum 5-10 overs, but I think due to shortage of funds for getting other commentators in, the channel had to ask Siddhu to continue his favorite task”, he said with a frown expression. Some of the phrases like, “O Chaa gye guruuuu”, ” Chak de fatte napp de gilii, Aur ye gaganchumbi chakka“, were aired over mike on repetitive mode.

The statements like “The Nation wants to know” and “Ye sb Dhoni ki wajah se hua hai” are getting overshadowed due to these frisky statements made by multi-talented Siddhu. “Now it seems like seeing Sooryavansham 24 X 7 was better than watching IPL on this type of audio mode which never stops and has tendency to frustrate people to such higher level”, said Fanu’s dad who is blaming Fanu’s classmate (by taking inspiration from Jograj Singh) for his present condition. He has also asked doctors to keep Fanu in their custody until this IPL season gets over so that his son doesn’t face this type of situation again.

Our sources are also tired of finding from which library does Siddhu recharge his phrase bank and we have hired an investigation agency with Srinivasan as its head to discover the eternal source of Siddhu’s blabbing lips.