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Man forgot to watch Satyamev Jayate, beaten by fellow commuters

09, Mar 2014 By Sarkeshwar

Mumbai. The first episode of Satyamev jayate’s second season saw some unusual response in city. Deepak Padukone, a software engineer by profession was beaten in a BEST bus by fellow commuters.

“Unhe desh ki fikar hai,” said Aamir defending attackers.

“While talking to my friend on phone, I told her how I was unable to watch Satyamev Jayate as we don’t have Sundays,” explained Deepak in his police complaint.

When contacted the local police station, they blamed all this on new Satyamev Jayate advertisement. “This new advertisement has made people believe that people who don’t watch Satyamev Jayate are bad. Following traffic rules is not their cup of tea and all that. Hence, Deepak was beaten by fellow commuters in bus. They mistook him for another guy who looks alike and wanted by police. When they heard him saying he didn’t watched last Satyamev Jayate episode, their doubts only got deeper and they beat him red and blue,” said a source close to police.

When our reporter Pagal Patrakar tried to contact Deepak, his whatsapp status read “busy……watching satyamev jayate…:/ :)”.