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Man fails to laugh at European comedy film; makes complaint to CBFC

28, Nov 2016 By Ajinkya Lakhepatil

Mumbai: Today an adult from Mumbai complained to CBFC about an European comedy film. The comedy-film-fan could not laugh single time while watching the critically acclaimed European comedy film. “That horrible film deceived me. It declares itself as a comedy film but I couldn’t see any joke in whole film”, said the written complaint to CBFC. Apparently he was watching a French comedy film with English subtitles. He couldn’t remember the title of film.

His two expressions throughout the movie! No laugh at all!
His two expressions throughout the movie! No laugh at all!

CBFC (Central Board Of Film Certification), India’s censor board for films, has issued peculiar advisory warnings to Indian audiences regarding European films after receiving the complaint. The statement says ,”We have received similar complaints about European films. Our audience fails to laugh single time at supposedly comedy films. There is no action, fight sequences with loud background music in European thrillers. Nobody cries or dies in European drama films. This is clear cheating to audience and we have to warn our audience.”

The statement furthers, “We urge the audience not be influenced by the positive reviews the European films get by international critics. European films indeed get multiple awards at many films festivals but they are totally incomprehensible. The audience should be able differentiate between deceiving-European films and real films. The real films always stick to the genre it proclaims. Award winning European films are in general darkly depressing and some even make audience suicidal”.

Many Indie-film lovers are upset about statement by CBFC. Many uproared and criticised “Narrow approach” taken by board reminding the quality regional films produced in India, which often go unnoticed after winning many national and international awards.