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Man downloading Fast and Furious movies to 'mourn' about Paul Walker

02, Dec 2013 By Sandeep Singh

Delhi – The Sunday morning of December brought a very saddening news for the Hollywood junkies, The famous Actor Paul Walker died in a tragic car accident and declared dead at the age of 40.

Rahul’s reaction when he realized he was a movie actor.

The sad wave spread like a wild fire on Social Networking sites, however like always the most affected region was Facebook. Numerous status updates flooded the site, even in India where there are not so many fans of the movie series the effects were huge.

“Paul Walker #RIP , Fast and Furious would never be the same without you” was the undercurrent of all the statuses, however Rahul Kumar tried to be creative and wrote “Paul Walker I would miss you on Racing Circuits , You were the best races . Even better than Micheal Schumacher.” needless to say the feedback he received from his friends. “They literally pounced upon me.. Like I committed a crime or something. Earlier they used to do that only when there was a grammatical mistake but this was new.” said depresed Rahul.

After the Public humiliation Rahul immediately started downloading all the parts of the movies on torrent, “Aaj Shaam tak saare part ho jayenge download.. abhi 2 toh dekh bhi liye hai maine, kal btata hoon itne educated and knowledgeable status daalunga ki sab dekhte reh jayenge”said the determined 22 year old.

Although it is not the only case, many people who never watched Fast and Furious and have no clue about Paul Walker are updating their statuses like he was a close friend of theirs. Many people associated the unfortunate turn of events to Ramsey scoring goals and Deepika’s association with the movie.

PS : Intended as Sarcasm, Saddened by his demise. Hope FF7 would be the last series and the makers gives him due respect. RIP.

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