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Man ditches best friend to hang out with dog after coming across the phrase “Dog is a man’s best friend”

04, Dec 2014 By gugu

Anthony Gonsalves, 27, had always thought that his neighbour Tony Pereira and he were best friends as they had been close for 20 long years. His whole world turned upside down when recently he read in an article that “Dog is a man’s best friend”.

As soon as he read it, he felt a surge of guilt as he remembered the countless times he had mistreated Sheru, the building dog, his real best friend.

Dog with phone
Man’s best friend

He immediately rushed to find Sheru to apologise for the years of torture.

“Why didn’t you ever tell me before?” said a teary eyed Anthony to Sheru as reported by building watchman Tukaram.

Anthony hugged Sheru for so long after that, that the rest of the story was told to us by watchman taking over the next shift, Santosh.

Santosh tells us that Anthony called up tony from the scene to cancel the Lonavla plan they had planned to take together, only to replace him with Sheru.

This has reportedly caused Tony and his family a lot of embarassment.

Sources tell faking news that Tony’s mother along with some of her close friends boycotted the kitty party hosted by Anthony’s mother the following day.

Tony’s biggest blow came when Anthony put up a profile picture with Sheru on Facebook to replace the long standing picture with Tony.

When a sobbing Tony finally picked up our call after 2 days, this is what he had to say,“I am sure that guy Denver forwarded that article to him. He was always jealous of our friendship.”

Meanwhile, Anthony has declared that Sheru will be the best man at his wedding and also named him godfather of his to-be child, much to the agony of Tony.