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Man auctions the painting drawn by his 7-year old kid; bags rs.10 crores

13, May 2015 By sameer mahawar

Nagpur. Recently sold Picasso painting, which was bought for rs.1151 crores by a man (whom we believe have sold his common sense before auctioning for the painting), has triggered many Indian parents to put pressure on their children to draw any random thing in most uncultured and zig-zag way so that they can also start earning some money by selling it to the people of ‘sooooooper-rich’ and ‘no common-sense’ category.

As a result of this, Mr.Kalidas from Nagpur has been able to grab a deal of Rs.10 crores from an English Man (whose identity couldn’t be disclosed else Tax Department would greet him with a demand notice) by selling a painting which prima-facea gives no idea about what the painting actually is.

Painting which symbolizes nothing
Painting which symbolizes nothing

“I asked my 7 year old kid to draw a painting by randomly moving crayons here and there on canvass so that no one could recognize what exactly has been drawn. Earlier I put that masterpiece on OLX to find some buyers, but no one called me and it became a dead-stock for OLX. I became depressed as I was not able to get any potential customer for it”, said Kalidas.

“But then, one of my NRI friend told me to list the painting internationally as people there don’t think before spending money. Hence I thought of getting it auctioned and due to regressive bidding, one of the fool cool gentleman bought it for whooping Rs.10 crores”, said proud father of a budding painter. “Had I known it earlier, I wouldn’t have sold my junior’s irritating coloring and drawing books to Kabaadiwalla at nominal costs.”

Following this incident, the self-claimed photographers on Facebook have become self-proclaimed Painters overnight. “It’s easy to draw insane things on white areas rather than taking a photograph while lying down on roadside “ said Sumit Kumar also known as ‘Piccachu’ amongst his fellow mates.