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Mallika Sherawat objects Rahul Gandhi’s comparison of Modi to Aurangzeb

15, Jan 2014 By somesanityplz

In his recent interview with Danik Bhaskar Rahul Gandhi left aam adami of India baffled with the big question of did he really compared Modi to Aurangzeb or not.

Mallika in an angry pose.
Mallika in an angry pose.

One side, where media pundits still not sure what to make of his comment, BJP trolls are busy discussing how they can use this to promote NaMo. We have given the assignment of coming up with something positive in being Aurangzeb to designated trolls. We have asked them to highlight that during his time Mughal Empire reached its greatest extent said Patel, team leader of Tweet about NaMo Samiti.

Objecting to Rahul’s comparison, ever bold Mallika Sherawat said comparing Modi ji to Aurangzeb is just wrong. Further adding to her objection she commented, Aurangzeb had seven wives, whereas Modi ji is the most eligible bachelor of India.

Sallu, owner of famous Dhokla stall in Jamnagar totally agrees with Mallika Sherawat.