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Makers of Game of Thrones to produce Mastram next

12, Feb 2014 By thepelicanclub

In a potential development that can bring widely popular Indian literature treasure to long deprived world-wide focus, makers of Game of Thrones are planning to produce an epic series on Mastram – the long standing friend, guide and philosopher of Indian adolescent and young men in matters of body and mind.

Game of Thrones
Not much different

Speaking exclusively to Faking News, David Benioff and D.B. Weiss confirmed the news and are now looking to formally buy the TV rights of this classic treasure trove.

On being asked, what prompted them to take up Mastram literature as their next big TV series, Benioff, who is also a climate change expert, provided the following explanation:

“See, I have always been concerned about climate change. When my team reported sudden spike in Facebook posts titled – ‘Winter is coming’ from India which is stereotypically hot and humid, I was worried and decided to tour India. To ensure I get to experience full extent of climate change, I decided to travel the country in Sleeper Class coaches of Indian Railways.That’s where I met group of Engineering students travelling back home with one of the students reading stories from a Mastram book loudly as part of something called ‘ragging’. Even though I did not understand, but I was fascinated how the story kept everyone in rapt attention and I knew I have seen something life changing. The students were kind enough to translate the stories in English for my understanding.”

When Faking News correspondent tried to warn about adult content of Mastram literature, Benioff retorted that it is no different than Game of Thrones which is collection of adult situations connected by a random story, a job that is even better accomplished by Mastram story lines. Plus since Mastram is set in contemporary world, he will not have to spend too much in re-creating the environment.

The only thing holding Benioff from signing the deal is to locate the copyright holders of Mastram series as pointed by good samaritan Engineering students the met during his journey – a certain Mr. FOSLA who has been very hard to get hold off.