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Mahesh Bhatt’s new tragic love story titled "Monday"

23, Sep 2014 By geesundar

Mumbai. Renowned director Mahesh Bhatt has announced the launch of his new tragic love story titled “Monday”.

Mahesh Bhatt
“It’s coming”

Critics across the country have applauded the title and claimed it as the most apt title for any emotional film.

Speaking at the launch of the movie, Mahesh Bhatt said, “I have always wanted to make an emotional roller coaster, which will make the audience teary eyed right from the beginning. There was no better title to such a movie than Monday.”

“The movie will be a novel attempt in Bollywood, right from title till distribution. The film is a simple love story with only one song ‘Tomorrow is Monday’, which will be played six times in the movie. The film will be played across screens only on Sundays during the evening and night shows. By playing this movie only on Sundays and with only song ‘Tomorrow is Monday’, the tragedy of the movie will be further multiplied.”

Already, the strategic decision of the team to announce the launch of the movie on a Sunday evening has managed to create a tragic mood among millions of Indians.

Mahesh Bhatt is already a happy man!