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Mahesh Bhatt announces his new movie will be based on true life drama of Devyani

14, Jan 2014 By somesanityplz

Renowned movie director Mahesh Bhatt, in a small press conference announced that his new production will be based on true life drama of Devyani and her struggle in coming out from US without trial.

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Details would be out in public domain soon.

After confessing how he failed as a father and admiring the role of Devyani’s father in keeping her safe from US trial. He said Devyani story touched his heart. Seeing the close bond shared by this baap-beti reminded him of so many tear jerking Bollywood masala movies and with his father’s claims of accusing the maid as CIA agent gave whole story a Hollywood twist.

He believes this movie will have an international appeal. He further added that, making this movie would also give him chance to bond with his daughter Alia Bhatt who will act as Devyani in this movie. Alia, is still recovering from Saifai moment and was not able to comment on this.

Tinu, who sells bada pav at Bandra station is very happy with this news.