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Maharashtra government announces reservations in Bollywood

03, Jul 2014 By akkirulezz

Mumbai. After losing by humungous margin in recent Lok Sabha polls, Congress seems to be struggling for Battle for Glory. With only a few months remaining to the assembly elections, Maharashtra state government is leaving no stone unturned to enhance their chances of winning. In their recent announcement they have promised the quota reservations to be introduced in Bollywood.

“Our Film Industry is 70% dominated by Khans viz Aamir, Shahrukh, Salman, Saif, Imran Khan Hashmi and Irrfan,10% by Kapoor’s and 15% by Kumar’s, Roshan’s, Bachchan’s and Devgan’s. Only 5% is available for Aam Aadmi. Sorry, I mean for the general public” a defiant CM told reporters at the gathering.

He is hoping to become a superstar finally

“In fact, we are also planning to introduce an additional Marathi reservation not only to boost employment but also to empower our Marathi Actors” is concluded by the CM. There were mixed reactions on this report and it is also termed by many as a political master stroke by the Chief Minister.

“If reservations were going to be introduced in Bollywood then they should also be introduced in Marathi Cinema for people like me,” a disheartened Tussar Kapoor tweeted. His tweet was retweeted by celebrities including KRK, Aftab, Rakhi Sawant and many more.

Sr.Bachchan was unavailable to comment on this but we heard that Jr.Bachchan was also of the same view and not much happy about the government’s decision. We have also got news that he is planning to join hands with AAP, as he has ample amount of time after Dhoom 3, and rally out against the decision.

“Its a great move by the government. I am extremely delighted to hear this as it will pave way for underprivileged people to make a mark in Bollywood,” a joyful Shahrukh quoted.

We also had a telephonic conversation with Ritesh Riteish Deshmukh for his view as he was out of Mumbai. “I am very thankful to God that I am having a great success in Bollywood and also I am a maharashtriyan too. This just makes me lucky,” he quoted.