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Magneto and Charles Xavier found hand in hand together to take revenge from Vivek Oberoi after watching Krishh-3

06, Nov 2013 By bunny

Amidst all the people focusing on KOLKATA test we have a conspiracy going on. The horrible and continued worst performance of Vivek Oberoi has led to the great re union of Magneto and Professor Xavier. Close sources revealed that seeing the performance magneto was all tears and even Mr Xavier who is supposed to be cool as cucumber.

The great union is being supported by ROBOCOP from old Hollywood movies who claims that his old costume was stolen from his houses couple of months back and he is sure that they have used the same costume for Vivek oberoi.

Our reporters tried their best to get any comments from VIVEK OBEROI and failed miserably because he is preparing for a genocide this time by appearing as a SOLO HERO in the movie SAB MARENGE BAARI BAARI.

His movie is well supported by none other than our evergreen  TUSHHAR KAPOOR as a villain with UDAY CHOPRA making a guest appearance as a comedian.

To our good luck this time magneto and xaviers have taken an oath that come whatever may this movie will never go to the screens and already the have started taking classes of X MEN and has named it as X MEN – 3rd class.