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Madras Filter Café - the alternate version of Madras Café to be released in Tamil Nadu

03, Sep 2013 By Rohith DSouza

Chennai. John Abraham has finally given in to the demands of the protesters and has censored 75% of the scenes from Madras Café to fit the “sensitive” screens in Tamil Nadu and in the UK. A 130 minute run time will be now reduced to 30 minutess. However the movie will include 4 item numbers of which 2 will be in reference to Rajinikath which will take the movie to around 55 minutes. But with a good half hour interval showing scenes & songs from earlier & upcoming Rajinikath movies, it should give a movie goer some 1hour 25minutes of entertainment. John Abraham who is “excited” about the release is believed to go topless in one of the item numbers.

Madras Cafe poster
One word more in the title will mean a world of difference to many

The spy thriller Madras Cafe, which had caused controversy in India with Tamil groups was refused to be screened by the Theaters in Chennai fearing protests. Madras Filter Café is expected to make more in Tamil Nadu than the movie has made in the rest of India put together.

Latest reports show that the movie has collected a total of Rs. 40Cr in India so far and with the release of Madras Filter Cafe in Tamil Nadu actor/producer John Abraham is expected to make at least Rs. 60Cr making it another 100Cr blockbuster.

“I think producers should seriously think about this model. We must try and make films with good content. Any real life content in India will be insensitive to some society, religion or state even though it is cleared by the censor board. And for the affected State, release a filtered version of the movie with some item numbers and it would be readily accepted,” said a very sarcastic John Abraham.

Some have accused John of mocking the Tamils by naming the movie Madras Filter Cafe. “There is no connection between the huge amounts of scenes cut in the movie and it’s new name. I have decided to name this movie Madras Filter Cafe only because I am a big fan of Madras filter coffee” said John Abraham rolling his eyes.

Madras Filter Cafe will have no references to either Tamil Nadu or Tamil. All the scenes which are spoken in Tamil will be deleted. The filtered Madras Cafe will show a disgruntled RAW Agent confessing his “love” story to a priest while sipping on Madras filter coffee as opposed to confessing the operational details of the events leading up to the Rajiv Ghandi assassination in the unfiltered version.

Madras Filter Cafe will hit theaters in Tamil Nadu & UK next week.