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Luis Suarez to star in season 6 of "The Walking Dead"

26, Jun 2014 By swaroski

After a fabulous career in football, Uruguay and Liverpool F.C. striker Luis Suarez is reportedly being offered a role in season 6 of Walking dead.

This highly acclaimed TV series tells the story of a group of survivors living in a post-apocalyptic world run over by zombies.

Suarez expressing his happiness.

Until now the TV series featured characters playing zombies who would devour any living thing that they could find. However, the slow pace of the zombies, also known as “biters” or “walkers” and their lethargic attitude while approaching their prey had many viewers quite upset.

The casting couch of the show was under intense pressure to add some pace to the slow storyline.

Most of the characters playing zombies were just not good enough to run after their prey, to dodge and dribble past other zombies and to finally bite their prey. Hence, the producers of the show have decided to bring in someone like Luis Suarez-“to bring pace to the starting lineup of the biters”, as explained by the assistant producer of the show.

Meanwhile, Mike Tyson has not taken the news too well. In a reply to our mail, he said, “This just proves that American TV series always has a white guy as a main protagonist. I may not be able to run as fast as Luis Suarez but I can bite off better than anyone else.”

Meanwhile Liverpool F.C. manager Brendan Rodgers has reportedly informed the press that his entire team is ready to stay behind Luis Suarez and fill in the shoes as extras, if need arises, during the shoot of the TV series, in keeping with their Liverpool club slogan of “You will never walk alone”.