Wednesday, 21st March, 2018

Lovers need not stare but move on

16, Jul 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: Some film songs are found to be used in the practical life too. A Bollywood film melodious song suits well on the lovers’ living. A lover fails to restrict from saying what his beloved likes. The lover prefers those finer words which the beloved fancies. In conformity to these level-headed thoughts, one lover told his beloved, “Thuj Mein Rab Dikhta Hai, Yara Mein Kya Karun.”

But today’s mood is different in comparison to the past days. There is no time to stand and stare. Life is fast and this perception of force is being applied to love life closely. The beloved decides everything fast and avoids an unnecessary wait for taking the correct decision. That is why she does not care for more on personifications. She favours direct words and no glowing terminology goes well with her in any way. It is owing to this very reason the beloved responded what if you saw Rab in me. Do not try to admire me gratuitously. It is not going to influence me enough by reading Thomas Campion’s lines, ” There is a garden in the face, Where roses and white lilies grow.”. How can godly feature come into sight at my mortal existence? It is unworkable in today’s times.

Those were the olden times when the importance was exceedingly given. It is not worth tolerable.Anyways, if you final supernatural perfection, do a favour instantly. Offer reverently a few shining coins with higher values. Forthwith you should also bow down at the feet for a few minutes and then move away quickly. These straight sentences uttered from beloved’s lips without stopping. The lover was flabbergasted to hear all the acerbic direct speech. It was thus with his amorous aspirations he felt about realism and truth to live in the present circumstances. He was tedious but he wished sincerely to remain firm and affirmative in his love. Nobody could deny that he was a true lover of his kind.