Thursday, 22nd February, 2018

Love sneers but marriage moans

20, Aug 2017 By shakeel ahmad

KANPUR: When a philosopher talks on the feeling of love, he merely finds it an attraction towards fair sex. It is worldly feeling for someone looking attractive or eye-catching. It is also a transitory emotional feeling which does not go beyond infatuation. When marriage is discussed it finds a reference to the social obligation. It is the established system in the society. It somewhere unites the two different families.

While travelling towards the eastern region of the country the passengers were busy in arguing over the love and the marriage. If one is not approved by the traditional society, another gets complete sanction. To a more precise manner, it is the recognised approach in a civilised society. Surprisingly the arguers were married. Some of them stated that the love marriage also followed the same path of regular arranged marriage in years after. So there was nothing logical in running after the love marriage.

However, there is always indictment at the time of love marriage irrespective of our educated or modern mannerism. What has been declared dishonest is not going to alter as the trends indicate. In the meantime, the arguments were in the full swing. It seemed that the conversation caught the same speed of the fast moving train. The passengers in the compartment’s sleeper coach collected around one another and openly put their respective views.

The travelling ticket examiner arrived there for the purpose of checking the reservation ticket. But finding the momentum of discussion on the hostility track, the black coat sporting TTE updated them by clearing their delusion ordinarily. Normally the love is like the bus journey while the marriage is like air journey. On facing problems at certain length one can step down at suitable stoppage from the bus but air travel does not allow this facility, in any case, he said.