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Lord Shiva slams fake series, says he did not endorse Amish Tripathi

26, Aug 2013 By goodguyankit

On Saturday people in Benaras claim to have heard a voice from the sky “FAKE ! FAKE ! ANGERED AND APPALLED BY THESE TOMES ON ME .. !!”, burnt copies of the trilogy are said to have fallen from the heavens.

“What is appalling and angering is the writing itself” Pasta Bose, publishing doyen, political commentator and social media consultant emailed us this comment, “If it was not for the borrowed mythology, even my driver would not read this atrocious, not even transiently poignant, pop-culture kitsch passing off as the lofty heights of Indian epic fantasy”

“What about Samit Basu?” Mr Bose’s email read “Why does the media not highlight him as the prince of Indian fantasy?”

Upon being reached for comment, Mr Bose’s driver said the books were enjoyed by his grandmother. He distanced himself from the copy of Meluha we hidden under his pillow. “The Lord is right. Nothing can compare to our epics in form and beauty.” He said sheepishly “Also he is so used to devotional songs. All that jarring prose must have disturbed him from his meditation”

Young Karan Gupta disagrees, “I think it is the most awesomest story ever written and critics are just jealous of Amish Tripathi.” A third year engineering student and CAT aspirant, Karan has posters of the author, competing for space with poster quotations from Chetan Bhagat.

“Lord of the Rings is too elitist. I could not get past the ninth page-” He said upon being probed on other genre works he had read “Tolkien does not understand positioning for an audience, only an MBA can”.

On being asked if he had ever read other ‘literary’ Indian writers, he was livid “I brought Inheritance of Loss when my friends it had won the Booker prize. After reading that I was depressed for many years.”

Noted sociologist Ramchandra Nehru rubbished the allegations of pop-mythology and commended the series for having caused young people to read once again. It had other developmental benefits, “It has brought more social mobility to the floating population of traffic-light book hawkers than MNREGA”  He said “For more on the topic I suggest you read my book ‘India after Meluha'”

Ad man Kesavan “K7” Desai claimed that as a Shiv Bhakt the book had positively induced in him a spiritual high, especially when clubbed with some Kerala Gold.

“The Lord should not get angry and take it in context of the attention deficiency of our times. Different tokes for different folks. I mean stokes. strrrokes. Besides these right wing extremists who oppose everything, even they did not oppose it, then who is he to get offended?”

“It is quite possible.” He said when asked if he actually believed the Lord came in the author’s dreams “I see that sort of stuff, those sorts of stuff, those sort of stuffs all the time. You can’t dismiss everything you can not see, because you do not see it”

On the upcoming movie by Bollywood he had this to say “Indian culture is going 360. Karan and Amish together are the best people to put our sublime ancient culture for the world to marvel. Also it is said Kareena Kapoor and Hritik Roshan have been asked to do the movie. What more could you ask?”

Upon being asked why he thinks so many MBAs are taking to writing fiction and winning mass following, he said he could enumerate three things

1. MBA attracts A-type people who like attention

2. After MBA they have nothing to do

He forgot what number came after two so we could not get the third byte