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Looking at Alok Nath in Hum Saath Saath Hain, Rajnikanth decides to take Sanskaar classes from him

06, Jan 2014 By psychorockstar87

It was a cold winter night when Sir Rajnikanth saw the legendary Lord Alok nath (AN) giving Sanskaari gyaan to all in his own religious movie called, “HUM SAATH SAATH HAIN.” There was tears on the eyes of Thalaivaa on seeing it. How could such a legend remain hidden for such a long time.

Anyone in the world can do action scenes, catch the bullets with their mouth but only one person can give true Sanskaari gyaan, Lord AN. Instead of cigarettes flying, Anna could see agarbatis all over…. Instead of the flying goondas all over he could see fresh flowers being presented on the feet of God Rama. He was stunned on seeing it. How could someone do such great things and yet remain so humble???

Fondly known as the Godfather of all Samdhans, Lord AN shyly passes on his gyaan to all and takes all the pain from others. Even Thalaivaa could feel it. He could feel attaining moksha on hearing his prabachan. Sir Rajni was astonished on seeing what Lord AN was capable of doing. Rajni sir could only do a full split on double auto rickshaws but Lord AN did a full split while dipping in Ganga and simultaneously giving sanskari gyaan

As the movie progressed, Anna found himself sitting on the ground wearing saffron coloured clothes with tears in his eyes and respect in his heart for Lord AN. Rajni sir has now decided that he would change his name RAN (Rajni Alok Nath). No more Rascala dialogues, it will be plain namaste with a smiling face.

“Bete Rajni, tumne zindagi mein bahut paap kiye hain, aao mere saath haridwar chalo, mein tum tumhare sabhi paapo se mukti dila doonga.” Rajni sir could feel his words echoing in his room and decided that from now onwards he would only do Sanskaari movies with Lord AN.