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Leonardo Di Caprio to star as an Indian IT professional to nail Oscars

22, Jul 2015 By igybeck

In a big win to Narendra Modi’s Make in India campaign, Leonardo Di Caprio is slated to don the role of an Indian IT professional in a Bollywood movie directed by Rohit Shetty.

“And they say that winning an Oscar is the ultimate challenging thing of the world. They neither know about the survivors of IT Company nor Bangalore Traffic Commuters!”

Leo, who was not able to get Oscars despite versatile roles has been advised by the Oscars committee to act in a roll that showcases true pain and sufferings.

According to the industry sources, the story revolves around the life of an IT professional who suffers without on site opportunities, no girlfriend and low pay. The movie will be shot in Bangalore and Chennai. In one scene, Leo is in traffic for three hours and when he finally makes it to the office he is called in for an appraisal meeting. The manager gives him a 2% hike for a good performance and tells him there will be on site opportunity, the next year. Leo breaks down and gives a scintillating performance for five minutes which will be the single shot.

“I have been directing class movies and like Leo, I have also not got any Oscar yet. I will make sure we both get Oscars. Leo will also dance for an item number and music is exclusively being composed by Anu Malik, who is already scanning YouTube for fresh tunes” said the director.

When asked about the budget of the movie, our sources said the budget will be similar to IT company’s team lunch budget.