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Lambu Aata's death in movie Gunda inspired Game of Thrones writer to kill off central characters

17, Jun 2015 By राजदीप सरदर्द दे साई

Writer of famous TV series Game Of Thrones, Mr. George Martin has accepted that the idea of killing central characters in Game of Thrones actually came from Indian cult classic Gunda.

“I was not a big fan of India movies, till someone suggested me to watch Gunda. It not only changed my perception towards Indian movies but had a great impact on the screenplay of Game of Thrones,” Mr. Martin told our correspondent while talking on eve of Season 5 finale.

Lambu Aata
This is how Game of Thrones strated

“I got the idea of killing off central characters abruptly by watching Lambu Aata’s death in the movie Gunda. When I started watching Gunda, I instantly liked the character of Lambu Atta. Wow.. What a screen presence, what dialogues! And then boom.. Lambu is killed!!” the GoT writer recalled the magic he experienced.

“I was so shocked and surprised. How can anyone kill off the most liked character in the screenplay? But it gave me the idea of thrill it generates. I saw full movie hoping Lambu will make a comeback,” Mr Martin told Faking News.

“I used the same formula in GoT and you see the results,” he disclosed.

Mr. Martin also expressed great respect for Mr. Kanti Shah, the writer/director of Gunda.

“I have great respect for Kanti Shah and salute his genius. He generated more excitement in audience with his dialogues than I could ever hope to generate using the raunchy scenes. If you watch closely Game of Thrones, many scenes of GoT are nothing but visual adaptation of what Lucky Chikna, Chuttiya and Ibu Hatela have expressed in dialogues in movie Gunda. I will even request Mr. Kanti Shah to co-write next season of game of thrones with me. I am sure we together will add many more interesting characters like Lambu Atta to the series. It will be a great honor,” Mr Martin signed off.