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Lady returns from Mars and resumes "kaho naa jhoot hai" serial from next scene

08, Jul 2015 By kumudsingh

Ms. Rajlaxmi delightedly reported her safe returns from a trip to Mars this morning. The radiance on her face clearly expressed her delight. But that was not because of Mars visit but because she resumed her favorite serial shown on Star Minus channel without missing a scene! The reporter was confused as how could that happen because the serial is broadcasted for 5 days a week and it did not stop while she was on the trip.

Ms. Rajlaxmi was lucky to win a contest which was conducted at the end of 50th episode of “Kaho naa jhoot hai” serial which gave her a ticket to Mars. She was worried to miss the live episodes while on the trip.

An alleged scene from the serial that ran entire 9 days of Navratri
An alleged scene from the serial that ran entire 9 days of Navratri

Kabir, the main character of the serial was leaving his wife and joint family members to London to set up a new textile industry. The last episode which Ms. Raj could see before leaving was the traditional farewell given to Kabir while leaving home with diyas and tilak.

When she returned she resumed the serial with Kabir calling his wife Kavita to inform his safe arrival in London. Her happiness of not missing anything is beyond words!

After a little interrogation it has been found that the next episodes of serial were in this sequence: Kabir leaves home and the next day the family get to know that the flight in which Kabir was travelling met with an accident and everyone in the flight died. Two episodes showed shocked faces of family members one after the other.

The shocked expression was shown first on the plain faces and then with additional colors following the latest Facebook theme, people are currently using to make their profile pictures. Few more episodes showed the virtual cremation rites performed for Kabir as body could not be found and then few more episodes showed the sadness prevailing in the family.

On the other side, in one of the next episodes they showed the polished shoes of a man and then moving up gradually, the arranged hair and by the time face’s chance came, the episode was over. In the next episode it was revealed that Kabir was not dead and was saved by some fishermen. His body landed into water somehow and was saved. He had lost his memory though meaning he did not remember who he was. He was persuaded by a beautiful woman to believe that he was her husband and they were family.

Few episodes showed the chemistry between those two before revealing that the woman was actually playing a villain role in order to take his heritage property.

One day while travelling he met with a road accident and got his memory back. He wanted to know the secret of the woman trying to be with him. Got to know that his uncle was behind this plot and had hired a woman to execute his dream of owning the entire joint property. He comes back to home and few episodes passed to show the family accepting him back as Kabir after doubts expressed by members of joint family. After celebration he starts again to London and reaches there.

Ms. Raj is back from the trip on just this last episode and is happy that by the time she has come back everything is going smooth in the serial. She has expressed her happiness to the producers of the serial and Start Minus Channel!