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Krrish 3 music to be weaponized, Roshans ecstatic

11, Nov 2013 By iamgreat

Mumbai. Amidst record breaking collections, Krrish 3 grabs yet another feat by scoring a huge military collaboration with the Indian army.

Even music of the film is not less than a Superhero.
Even music of the film is not less than a Superhero.

A senior army official accepted signing a contract for weaponizing the music because of its great destructive and catatonic potential.

“We first recognized its power when an army officer played the title track on his Micromax phone at the border near Sri Ganganagar, and Pakistan retaliated by shooting a short range missile.The situation is now under control”,the official told Faking news.Indian Army chief was not available for comments.

Producer Rakesh Roshan looked extremely pleased, saying it’s great to see things going according to plans. “It must be noted that the Krrish 3 team has plans to earn money from every aspect of the movie. We sell dolls, games, clothes. Now we are contributing to the country’s defense forces!”

Krishh 3 has already been praised for its altruistic casting. “They could have hired  good actors too. But they picked Vivek Oberoi and Kangna Ranaut. Hats off,” a fan at PVR Juhu said.

About the speculations over the dramatic decision, Retd. Major General Singh in an exclusive interview with faking news told us,”Musical warfare may be rare,but it’s not unheard of. Sources have revealed that Al Qaeda has already hired Taher Shah, who caused devastation in Iraq with ‘Eye to Eye’.”

Among other issues, local theaters in Kanpur were penalized for allegedly advertising the movie as Kriss 3 and Kiss 3 to attract ‘tharkis’ under false pretense.

The theater managers however retaliated saying it was an honest mistake. “Sahab, ye Kanpur hai. Yahan sab  ‘ss’ ko ‘ss’ hi bolte hain, jisse jhama faila rahe,” said a violated Ramesh Vishnoi.

Over the matter @HimeshRockstar tweeted late night -“What about my music?”. Auto-rickshaw strike may follow.