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KRK to replace Irrfan in Jurassic Park, will play role of dinosaur

26, Mar 2014 By Postman Chacha

KRK’s Mansion – After watching his breathtaking performance in Deshdrohi, director of Jurassic Park selected the immensely talented KRK over Irrfan to act in the new movie. He will be playing the role of T-rex .

Kamaal Rashid Khan
Talented man.

While our reporter Buri Khabar was unable to meet him in person, there were a couple of tweets from KRK to express his happiness like, “Now more girls want my girlfriends” and  “Angle Lena Julie and Justin Birbal, I am coming”.

When we said that Justine Bieber is a guy (sort of ), he confronted us and said that we were 2 Rs people and his bathroom is bigger than our news room. Also kicks to Faking News and kisses to Deepika Padukone.

This decision had created a wave stronger than Narendra Modi’s and many Hollywood wannabes are having high hopes. Sajid Khan said that finally they understand our story and logic.

While Martin Scorcese and Steven Spielberg were found packing their bags to move to tribal areas near Amazon, Shirish Kunder and Family were found purchasing plots to settle permanently ( good for us ).

The bright side of this decision is that Hollywood fanatics would no longer compare Bollywood movies to Hollywood ,which will see  a new era of acting and story-telling ( shivers ).