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KRK said he is not affected by demonetization because he has lot of chillar thrown by people at him in the past

27, Nov 2016 By ShreyLock

Deoband (U.P.): After being silent on the demonetization step taken by government for long, finally the great actor/director/writer/producer/film critic and now turned economist Kamaal R Khan says that he welcomes the step by the Modi government and is totally against curbing the black money in the country.

"I have more chillar asset than any Temple."
“All those who do’t support PM Modi are Deshdrohis.”

Kamaal R Khan who has been in controversy during the past for opposing PM Modi on his every political move had decided to break his silence after the most shocking event happened couple of days ago, when ex-PM Manmohan Singh spoke (Surprise of the Decade..!!) about the policy and opposed the way it was implemented.

KRK  caught us off-guard when he revealed that he was pursuing PhD in Economics from Cambridge University while he was away for so long as he needs to be in the league of John Keynes, Adam Smith etc.

Karan Johar and Anurag Kashyap are of the opinion that KRK supporting Modi is just a publicity stunt before the release of his upcoming movie Deshdrohi 2 next year.

When our journalist went on to further investigate the reason KRK is unaffected by demonetization, is because he has collected the 2 rupees chillar been thrown at him every time he went out in public and that’s how he has added 100 crore rupees estimated and still counting in his home.