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Kochadaiiyaan to release in 1000 screens across Mars

25, May 2014 By kakajo

Rajini starrer Kochadaiyaan has been confirmed to hit the screens in Mars after ISRO and Martian Embassy in Nagpur broke the deadlock over a distribution problem which arose last week.

However, the release would get delayed due to dubbing work still in progress for Martian language version of the film. Confirming this news, an excited Martian Ambassador to India, Vierdo O’val Faece said that people of Mars are excited to see superstar in action once again even if he was in the animated form.

Universal star.

The film’s release on Mars was delayed due to ISRO demanding that Martians should take back their export to Indian cinema, Poonam Pandey, which Martian Government deliberately refused after they considered the actress as a weapon of mass destruction. Instead, the issue was sorted out after Martian counterpart agreed to take Kamaal R Khan for their ‘Human Mental Psychology’ research program which is being undertaken at Shri Kalmadi Institute of Human Research in Mars.

Reacting to this happy news, Mars Rajini Fans Association issued a statement hailing the move taken by the Martian authorities. Immediately after the news came, Rahul Gandhi tweeted, “Dear Martians, we need to empower our minds with movies of Rajini Sir…”.

Sources say that Rahul Gandhi has decided to contest elections on Mars. Rahul Gandhi is reportedly happy after hearing that there are only 80 seats on Mars, so a figure of 44 would land them in majority. He was also seen with Sonia Gandhi, who was waiting outside the Men’s washroom for him to come out in PVR Cinemas, Delhi in the premiere show of Kochadaiiyaan.

A case has been filed against the Congress party by the Martian Rights Foundation in the Supreme Court terming the Congress party as racist as the Congress’s hand symbol consists of five fingers while Martians have four fingers and lack middle finger. Martian people take this symbol to as showing middle finger to martian sentiments.

Meanwhile, Kejriwal posted a picture of himself seeing the 2D version of the film with the masses and termed the 3D version only for the elite and the corrupt people. AAP supporters gathered outside the Bunti Daas theater in Delhi outskirts to raise slogans in support of Kejriwal not being able to buy tickets for 3D version for himself and held a dharna till the media finished shooting the incident.

The movie is scheduled to release across 1000  Martian theaters on 28th of May. The songs in Martian language are written and sung by Vivek Oberoi and Alia Bhatt.